Vinyl LPs For Sale

All my life I have been a great fan of vinyl, now I have the opportunity to collect it and sell it both online and at car boot sales and other meets.

The vinyl albums in my shop are this month’s offering and I hope to add albums every month. I am not very interested in the rare and collectable market so you may pick up a bargain.

Most of the albums will cost €10 plus p&p. Double albums should be €16 plus p&p. Alll in good condition, but please bear in mind they have been around for up to 40+ years.

The listing represents a good cross section of music and should you not find anything of interest- artist or particular album – please contact me by email at I will try to sort you out from there.

Payment accepted by Paypal (inc. credit/debit cards) and by BACS.

Here's my latest list, hopefully updated monthly